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Egg nation Liquid Egg Whites are specifically processed to maintain their amino acid and enzyme profile.

100% fresh egg white with nothing added or taken away
Pasteurized for your safety and convenience.
Easy to use no separating eggs – No mess
100% bio-available protein (total protein absorption)
Natures nest source
The gold standard of protein
Salmonella, listeria free (and tested)
Avidin neutralized
1 litre tetra packs, fit easily in fridge door
33 egg whites + per container (33 egg whites = 990ml)

Our liquid eggs are specifically processed here in the UK, flash processed to maintain amino and enzyme profile. The presence of an intact enzyme profile means that even once opened our egg whites have no bio-logical change for 7 + days. Raw egg white has present an element known as lysozyme. Since lysozyme is a natural form of protection from pathogens like Salmonella, E.coli and Pseudomonas, when it is deficient it can lead to increased incidence of disease. This is why our product is as close to raw egg white as you can get with the added advantages of being bacteria free and with out the issue of avidin

Once processed our whites are flash frozen to suspend any degradation of the product, that can occur with long life or pasteurized products, meaning you and keep the product frozen for up 12 months (or date on top of carton) with change in the products form that of natural raw egg but with all the advantages of bacteria and avidin free pasteurized product.

Egg Whites are a real food staple for the health and fitness community, offering a versatility and convenient option for 100% bio-available real food protein source with all the ease of a supplement.

They can be consumed straight or to fortify a shake or smoothie, when used in this way they have no taste or odour and have the same consistency as milk. In fact with in a shake most people pursume it ahs been made with milk.

Once cooked they take on the same taste, smell and texture as natural raw egg white (essential what they are). A great way to make a quick egg white omelette, protein pancake etc. We suggest when ever possible that you cook slowly and gently as this help protect the protein value.

Our liquid egg white is free from fat or cholesterol and completely free of stabilisers, flavorings, preservatives, added sugar or any E number as well as being completely GM free.

The only ingredient is egg white !!!. Fantastic real food high protein source

Nutrition Per 100gNutrition Per Serving (30ml)
Energy36 kcal12 kcal
of which sugars
of which saturates
equivelant in salt


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